Terry Parkman

Next Gen Pastor - River Valley Church

It's an honor for me to tell you about Micah. He provides a solid ministry and has a huge heart for the emerging generation. As long as I have known Micah, he has always been on the cutting edge of Youth Culture, both spiritually and practically. He has a prophetic voice for students in the Church or outside the Church and is an amazing communicator. What is most important for me, however, is the fact that Micah isn't your "run of the mill" Youth Speaker. I would HIGHLY recommend Micah for any speaking opportunities, leadership development, or ministry events you may be planning.

Jon Brown

Executive Pastor of NextGen

I wish I could fully express in words what Micah MacDonald means to me personally and to our students. He will make your students laugh, he will make them cry, and he will call them to radical action! Micah is one of the best communicators of the Gospel that we have ever had speak to our students. But, what I love about him most is the way he genuinely loves and cares about each individual student. Micah won't just come in and just communicate some powerful messages, he will come prayed up, and will partner with you in the pastoring and shepherding of your people.

Adam Kolosik

Iowa District Youth Director

Micah is a dynamic communicator that will bring life and energy to whatever setting he steps into. He is a homerun for missions and a homerun for lighting a fire inside of students.

Mark Dean

District Superintendent of MN

It gives me great joy to highly recommend the ministry of Micah Mac! His passion for the Lord is contagious, and his ability to communicate truth to the next generation is exceptional. He will serve you & help you accomplish your vision. He is an incredible gift to the church!

Phil Johnson

Lead Youth Pastor at Emmanuel Christian Center

Micah is one of the most dynamic and engaging communicators that we have ever had come to our YOUTH ministry. From the moment Micah takes the platform his passion is evident and students connect with it from the very start! You can tell that Micah has a huge heart for students that our both away from God and following God and you can see that in how he interacts with them throughout the event. We highly recommend Micah for any event that you may be looking at bringing a guest communicator too. Micah’s desire to see people discover the hope that is found in Jesus will encourage and inspire all who are in attendance and help take your event or service to the next level!